Mobile Phone Statistics 2011 Infographic

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Amazing Mobile Phone Statistics of 2011 with Infographic:

With a little help from Aim Social, we provide you with a tasty little infographic to share showing some of the highlights of the year in a lovely graphical format, enjoy.

Steve Jobs passes away:

2011 has been one hell of a year for mobile, after the eventual death of the grandfather of the modern smartphone with the passing of Steve Jobs a void was left in Apple that is likely to be filled with his final departing gift in the redesigned iPhone 5, though beyond this know one really knows.

Nokia Windows love:

Nokia And Windows have finally teamed together to deliver a new operating system and a whole new range of pones with Windows 8 promising to be all things to al men in 2012.

Drunken Rimmers:

We have had the quite hilarious escapades of drunken RIM executives, causing havoc on an Air Canada flight, and other news from RIM showing that the company is in an apparent state of chaos in many areas.

Litigation Fever:

And 2011 has been capped by legal challenges from all and sundry related to patents for mobile technology that half of the companies involved have never owned until this year, in what has been seen as a patent war involving those dratted patent trolls..;)…Yawn.

Tablet Comes Of Age:

And let us not forget the humble Tablet, the missing link in Jobs’ technopological eyes, no, that is not a word, obviously.

But as with the iPhone before, the man with the Midas touch proved once again that something we had never realised would be a really good tool, has proven to be another desktop and laptop killer.

So what are your thoughts for 2011, a good year for tech?

And what do you expect to see more of in 2012?

Please as always fill those comments up with your thoughts.

Enjoy the Top 5 Mobile Phones Statistics for 2011 Infographic below.

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Top 5 Mobile Phone Statistics 2011
Top 5 Mobile Phone Statistics 2011
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