Mobile Marketing Spend To Increase in 2012

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AT&T survey report says Mobile Marketing spend will increase for marketers:

Mobile Marketing Spend To Increase In 2012
Mobile Marketing Spend To Increase In 2012

A recent AT&T report suggests that 88% of marketers will increase their mobile spend on mobile based campaigns in 2012, this was based on 501 marketers who work for US firms, that employ over 1,000 employees.

Mobile barcodes the biggest area of potential for innovation:

Yes, it seems that of the people polled, a huge 66% said that mobile barcodes will be behind the greatest innovation in 2012

The list, based on top programs of interest in 2012 goes like this:


  • Mobile apps: 43%
  • Mobile barcodes: 42%
  • Banner ads on mobile devices: 40%
  • Mobile websites: 35%
  • SMS messaging: 35%


Data reliability?

Obviously with such a relatively small sample and a sponsor with vested interest in a positive outcome the data does leave questions raised, however there is some likely grounds for this data to be used, as it corresponds to a trend we are seeing of marketing managers taking much more notice of mobile rich media advertising and other areas such as NFC/Barcodes/QR codes.

What are your thoughts on the next big thing in mobile marketing?

Anthony Munns