Mobile Ecommerce Huge Growth

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Ever used your mobile to make sure you are not getting ripped off?

If you have not done this yet, you are very possibly either going to be doing it soon, or getting ripped off!

Mobile commerce is big news.

A retail sea change is emerging that is seeing a shift in consumer behaviour like no other. Not only are we more likely to find out what retailers are charging online using our smartphones and tablets before we go shopping, we are also very likely to use our smartphones and other mobile devices while we are actually in store to check prices of competitor retailers?

Usablenet states mobile traffic up 60%:

Mobile Commerce Growth
Mobile Commerce Growth

The company who power so many mobile sites for the likes of JCPenney, Aeropostale, and REI, said that traffic across the board over Thanksgiving and Black Friday saw an increase by 60% or more with iOS devices being used by the majority of mobile surfers with around 42% of the share, beating Android devices and Windows and Nokia.

Black Friday also saw an increase in retail spending. With the help of mobile this has increased by 24.3% this year, mobile facilitated both the purchase of products and pick ups.

How mobile use also helps shoppers:

We have already covered how people are accessing reviews on their mobile devices to aid decision-making as they shop, and it is obvious that with geo-location services installed on many devices, that the mobile is perfect for obtaining directions to stores that are unfamiliar. But, another area that apps and mobile devices in general are helping consumers is in gaining access to wish lists that are either contained in-app or indeed quite simply in a memo or email sent to yourself.

Mobile promotions an untapped market for many retailers:

You have perhaps already had the familiar text message that when opened has suggested you go to a store for a daily deal, I can see this type of promotion taking real shape over the coming months. Though I also understand there are potential legal issues about opt in requirements in order to send this type of promotion via a text, currently many similar promos use bluetooth messaging while you are, for instance, in a stadium watching an event in order to promote drinks or offers etc to patrons. I imagine this concept will be pushed to its maximum in the future.

Will shops ban smartphone use in-store?

I can just see it now, a blanket ban on smartphone use in store on the grounds of increased risk of “terrorism” poking fin aside, I do wonder whether this issue will bring about some kind of ruling on where you can operate a smartphone on retail premises.

Have you used smartphones to aid your shopping experience or like me stopped going through with a purchase after reading a bad review about it?

Anthony Munns