Mobile Beginning To Seriously Fulfill Marketeers Expectations – Finally!

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Back in 2006 just before the release of Apples game changing mobile device which was later to be termed a “Smart Phone” the mobile industry was considered to be the “7th mass media channel”. Local mobile advertising set to see the biggest rise by 2015.

Seventh mass media channel: 2006

Mobile marketing back in 2006 was stuck behind the following established media outlets:


  • Print
  • Recordings (records, DVD’s, cassettes etc)
  • Cinema
  • Radio
  • Television
  • Web


The issues:

Technology and Manufacturing:

One of the main negative issues mobile phones had back then was that the user experience dictated to by technology offered from the networks and manufacturers left little to be desired.

Small screens, usually very weak processors, crappy WAP browsers a myriad of differing interfaces and very slow connections meant that people just did not bother trying to pus their little Nokia’s because it basically did not work to an acceptable standard.

Compelling content creation:

With marketeers still sure there was some kind of holy grail to still be had with mobile phones the reality was that creatives and marketing strategists were not inspired enough to create content that would engage an audience enough to warrant spending time and money on.

Smart Phone epiphany:

What Apple did in 2007 was nothing short of ground breaking, they single handedly managed to:


  • Create a product that allowed users to tap into super fast Wi-Fi internet connections with a browser that was actually useful.
  • Convince network carriers to provide data plans to customers that would allow them to use 3G connections while on the move, meaning the Internet was not just a possibility when connected to Wi-Fi.
  • Offer a marketplace for consumers and developers that would explode into a means of customizing your iPhone with genuinely functional, attractive applications that will enhance the user experience and also put Apple firmly onto the road of mobile pioneers.
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Research firm In-Stat has released a recent prediction staying that they expect 48 Billion apps to be downloaded in 2015.

A marriage of Hardware and Software that is profitable once again!

That is a quite staggering figure and flips on the head the torrent downloading generations ethos of not paying for anything…admittedly not all the apps will be paid for but a good percentage will be as their is now an ability to control the marketplace much more…most people choose not too jailbreak.

On top of this; free apps are often monetized with advertising bringing us back to the topic of the post.

Mobile has now started to seriously challenge television with its reach and daily use figures, and the amount of eyeballs Smart Phones will be getting in the near future will eclipse that of television.

Some Recent Mobile Advertising Stats

Local mobile advertising to be huge!


  • US mobile advertising spending will increase 406% from $790 million in 2010 to $4 billion in 2015, according to a forecast released June 23 from BIA/Kelsey.
  • Overall mobile marketing spending for Local mobile advertising represents some 51%. BIA/Kelsey predict that local mobile advertising spending will grow to 70% by 2015.
  • Local mobile advertising spending will see the largest growth with BIA/Kelsey predicting that the increase will be some 600% from around $400 million in 2010 to close to $3 Billion in 2015.


This is only a small fraction of the kind of revenues that can be channelled through the mobile phone, as M-commerce picks up and allows an even bigger set of options to access our well earned money!…the future is very much mobile

Has the holy grail of marketing finally fallen into the worlds lap via a poisoned Apple or should we all just take a bite and enjoy!

Anthony Munns