Microsoft To Buy Nokia Rumor

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Will Microsoft buy Nokia?

Now this is a rumor that has been going around for some time now. And with Nokia launching their first Window phone handsets globally, could the couple of old tech “has beens”, forge some sort of a lasting relationship that ends up in marriage rather than the “friends with benefits” thing they currently have going.

So would it be a good buy if it was on the cards?

According to Slash Gear the Danish bank Danske Bank is apparently reported stating that they predict that Nokia could sell their smartphone arm to Microsoft, and after this news the share price of Nokia was seen to rise by 3%, though it has to be said that Nokia have played down any future sale to Microsoft.

Microsoft To Buy Nokia Rumor
Microsoft To Buy Nokia Rumor

However the rumor, if true, could see the deal could go ahead as early as the first half of 2012.

Make or break for Nokia:

We did a report back in our formative days stating that Nokia needed to pull something out of the bag and quickly, otherwise seal a fate worse than death, OK that was exaggerated, but it was paramount that Nokia properly entered the smartphone market with gusto.

The release of the Nokia Lumia series has been pretty well received, generally.

With Nokia well and truly on the marketing trail peddling their new Windows Mango devices, it would seem ajar to then go and sell their smartphone division to Microsoft as other rumors suggest that Nokia are going to manufacture the new Windows 8 tablets.

But with the Lumia series getting mixed reports and analyst Alexander Peter stating that “only 2.2 per cent of surveyed buyers are firmly intending to purchase the Lumia,” could a sale now, be better than being bottom rung for the old Giant of old?

But in defiant talk, a statement from Nokia to Slashgear said:

“We have only started our journey to regain smartphone leadership, but we are pleased with the early results. The Lumia 800 is getting good traction in all six European markets where it has already launched. Initial feedback from India, Hong Kong, Russia, Singapore and Taiwan — where the Lumia 800 starting selling this week — has been very encouraging”

So how much would it cost Microsoft to buy Nokia?

Talk earlier this year surrounding this very issue suggested that a price tag of $19 billion was a ball park figure for Microsoft to obtaining Nokia’s smartphone division.

And with Google already in the process of buying Motorola Mobility could this be a smart move or are both companies best off staying independent and collaborating in the way they are now?

Anthony Munns