Microsoft Office Application For iPad

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Microsoft Office App on iPad:

It has been a long time coming, but according to the daily, Microsoft are working hard on delivering official tablet versions of the hugely popular Microsoft Office Suite.

With no actual sources cited this is all firmly in rumour mill territory but looks to be a likely punt if you were a betting person.

The actual date of release looks set to be mid 2012.

Microsoft Office App Coming To iPad in 2012
Microsoft Office App Coming To iPad in 2012

Apple and Microsoft Office buddies:

The relationship between Apple and Microsoft when it comes to the Office package has been one of mutual respect. The Apple version on OSX is very stable, capable and works perfectly well, and so this relationship of “quid pro quo” between the two companies has proved to be one area that the competing brands have enjoyed a happy friendship in.

Lack of Office on tablet PC’s an issue:

With reports of tablets slowly taking over laptops as the go to PC for pretty much everything, one distinct area currently lacking is the familiar Microsoft Office package for your every day writing/publishing needs.

Windows 8 version of Office will help differentiate their tablet:

There is an argument that Microsoft should wait until their own tablet is released, prior to an iOS office application going on sale.

It would make sense that they brought out their tablet variety of the Microsoft Office package with their new Windows 8 Tablets. This would give them a unique selling point and add to the differentiation needed for a newcomer to enter a relatively mature market. The common man/woman knows and loves Office, and seeing this available on a Windows 8 tablet first will surely help push units in that all important initial period.

Windows will struggle to gain traction with Windows 8 tablets:

Forrester research analysts are of the opinion that the rise of subsidised, cut-price versions of tablets from Amazon, WhSmith and Barnes and Noble will mean that Windows 8 tablets will face tough competition from cheap varieties and also well established tablet manufacturers such as Apple, Samsung and Blackberry.

Maybe time to start earning from competitors traction:

Let’s face it nothing is concrete in tech land. The shifting sands of fortune have seen two giants falter in the last few years (Nokia and Microsoft), so you can never really tell what is around the corner.

Microsoft have got it tough with the tablet market, but why?

Here is a non exhaustive list:

Latecomers, a new O/S to educate people on, a new application market with currently only a small amount of apps, competitors already on versions 2,3,4 of their own devices O/S and build, and cut price tablets that look nearly as good as the high end versions entering the market.

Yes 2012 will be interesting and tough for Microsoft so perhaps it would be best if they get that Office Application out ASAP and start making some cash from the huge Apple and Android market.

So should Microsoft wait until they release their own Windows 8 tablet and use this application to help leverage their own marketing efforts or should they simply get it released now and sold in as many markets as possible?

Anthony Munns