Loose Tweets Cost Lives – MOD Tells Families And Soldiers To Be Careful On Social Networks

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The MOD has released a set of videos aimed at informing, serving soldiers and friends and family of servicemen and women to “keep mum” about personal matters on social networks for fear of the enemy intercepting tweets and updates.


MOD wants to spread the news to not spread the news, socially.

With a dig at Twitter, Facebook and FourSquare the MOD have set the tone of the videos as pretty surreal humour with a balaclava wearing “terrorist” making friends with the videos protagonists.

I personally think they are done quite well for the message they are trying to convey.


They fall into a number of set criteria for good viral video, around 1 minute or under, mildly humorous, different..i.e a bit surreal, and a clear message.

What good it will actually do with the unseen threat I am unsure.

Though it does seem like we are fighting teenagers, so maybe it is an inspired move to clamp down on nosey mobile phone obsessed youths on social networks.

So anyway here are the videos:

Personal Security Online 1

“Cor’ blimey your fit Mr terrorist”

Checking into FourSquare while utterly pretend wired, does seem a touch ironic.

Personal Security Online 2

“Fancy a cuppa Mr terrorist?”

So make of them what you will, they are well produced though.

Ah the tower of Babylon calls…manically of course!…we are all doomed!

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