LG Prada Release New SmartPhone

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LG Prada Smartphone Release:

Good news for Prada lovers, according to German gadget site BestBoyz the new Prada LG 3.0 will be coming in January, and here is what it looks like.

LG Prada Release New SmartPhone
LG Prada Release New SmartPhone

What are the specifications?

The details given over at BestBoyz indicates that it will boast a 4.3 inch screen with Gorilla Glass, and a 800 x 480 resolution display, the processor will be the same as in the K2 which is a 1Ghz dual-core OMAP4430 processor.

The camera will be a pretty standard 8 megapixel affair with autofocus, and the ability to record 1080p and 30fps compressed video, the on-board storage capacity will be 8GB and an optional microSD extension will allow additional, the phone will be NFC enabled, with Bluetooth 3.0, 802.11n, and HSPA+.

The new smartphone will use the Android operating system running 2.3.7 Gingerbread, with this latest release of Gingerbread being Google Wallet ready, hence the NFC capability. It will measure 127 x 69 x 8.5mm and will have a redesigned Prada UI

So if you are looking to get a bit bling, albeit with a pretty average phone, then by all means go for it baby, work that smartphone.

So when will the new Prada LG phone be released?

It would appear that the device will make an appearance in January 2012 and be showcased properly very soon, we will keep you posted on that.

Anthony Munns