Lenovo Windows Mobile Phone Release

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Lenovo will build a Windows based smartphone:

The launch of a Lenovo windows mobile phone is likely to be seen in the second half of 2012 according to sources, though there is no assurance that this release will go beyond a China only roll-out.

Lenovo Release Windows Based Smartphone 2012
Lenovo Release Windows Based Smartphone 2012

China market set to be crucial for Windows:

If Windows can crack the Chinese market with affordable devices running on Tango or Mango (Windows 7+ O/S), then the entry by Nokia to the Chinese market with their Lumia 800, could make for an attractive option to many who are currently out-priced by Android or iOS based phones, and let us not forget that this market is big, and one both companies have their eyes firmly on.

Mango update went well for Windows:

The new release of the Mango update has gone down smoothly, and with the Windows O/S being adopted by more and more manufacturers it looks likely that they have turned a corner now that the Windows 7 mobile operating system has some style and a growing application market.

Windows offers sweeteners to app developers:

In order to make sure that the growing adoption of the Windows Phone operating system by consumers is not met with disappointment when accessing the Windows application market. Microsoft have dished out thousands of Lumia devices to developers in order for them to start looking at the platform as a new means of revenue generation. This has seen a marked increase in the amount of applications available in their own marketplace and is likely to continue to grow.

So it seems like interesting times for both Lenovo and Windows, as both look to offer something new to a rapidly growing marketplace.

Anthony Munns