Kobo Vox V’s Amazons Kindle Fire

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Is the Kobo Vox a Kindle Fire Competitor?

Poor old AndyPad are perhaps quite annoyed at recent moves in the tablet market. We covered the UK firms brave attempt to bring tablet computers to the masses at a bargain price. All this from a man who made his fortune from selling beds.

We wonder if AndyPad have taken to finding new markets for their products or simply gone and lied down as the big boys enter the tablet market with cut price versions of their own.

I hope they find an outlet as I thought they made a brave but dangerous choice to enter this market at that time.

The UK has no official release of the Amazon Kindle Fire yet:

As the UK has no firm release of the Amazon kindle Fire juts yet (you can buy from the US site but not from UK site).

The arrival of a WhSmith tablet (loosely the UK’s Barnes and Noble equivalent book retailer) going by the name of the Kobo Vox, is causing some noises in the tech world relating to just how much of a competitor it could really be to the Amazon Kindle fire.

WhSmith Kobo Vox Tablet PC
WhSmith Kobo Vox Tablet PC

Kob Vox tablet or e-redaer?

I wonder if WhSmith are trying to differentiate themselves from the likes of the Barnes and Noble Nook and Amazon Kindle Fire by selling this particular model as more of an eReader even though it blatantly masquerades as a fully fledged tablet….are they lacking balls gong head to head with the US equivalents?

Similar to the Kindle they both have seven inch screens, though the Kobo Vox runs on Google’s Android 2.3 Gingerbread, giving you many more choices when it comes to obtaining applications for your kindle competitor, no need to go through the Amazon store with this tablet.

It also comes with an anti-glare screen, which should make reading in bright sunlight better than most tablet PC’s if it lives up to expectation, Wi-Fi connectivity, 8GB of storage and an option to expand this, and is apparently Facebook’s e-reader partner whatever this means?…maybe the fact you can have 42 different font sizes is testimony to it’s attempted e-reader pedigree.

With an 800Mhz processor and a headphone jack the tablet seems like a pretty worthy contender to the Kindle.

At £169.99 it also come at a price point that will be attractive to many.

So what do you think of the Kobo Vox? Does it seem like an attractive proposition at the price and feature list that it offers?

Anthony Munns