Kindle Fire UK Release Date

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When is the Kindle Fire due in the UK?

Rumours abound as to when the new Amazon Kindle Fire tablet, which we reviewed a few weeks ago, will arrive here in the UK.

Latest updates:

So will the new Kindle Fire be hitting shelves in tie for Christmas?

Unfortunately, sources at Know Your Mobile seem to say not.

Though this is one more step above rumours that the Kindle Fire will never even make a UK entrance at all.

January release for Kindle Fire in UK:

Amazon Kindle Fire Release Date UK
Amazon Kindle Fire Release Date UK

With the source claiming that the device will get a UK release in January 2012, it will be a bit late for the Christmas rush, but analysts are predicting that despite the later arrival here in the UK market, the cut price Android tablet will end up accounting for 50% of the tablet market share in 2012.

If this is true, this will make Amazon’s entrance into this arena nothing short of epic.

So what about price?

Well this model is all about the price, and Amazon are rumoured to be subsidised the release over in the US and main a loss per device. This us so they can tie new tablet users into the Amazon eco-system an deliver entertainment via their cloud service at a cost, albeit a reasonable one, the money for a main is in the relationship after the sale not just the initial hit.

Apple to bring out cheaper iPad to compete?

So will Apple bring out a new iPad to compete with the reason cut price editions that are entering the market?

I thin it is fair to say that there is a good chance that a new slimmed down version may be possible, as Apple would not want to lose ground to Amazon, when there are up-sells and cross sells to be tied into after the initial sale.

Anthony Munns