Kindle Fire Interest Dips After Initial Buzz

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Has the buzz surrounding Amazons Kindle Fire dissipated or is it too soon to say?

Has Amazons “Kindle Fire” had a natural dip after a successful launch or is there another issue present?

Chitika have revealed data that shows the dip in traffic and general buzz of the Amazon Kindle Fire before during and after launch.

Kindle Fire Sales Reduce
Kindle Fire Sales Reduce

I gave an honest review of the Amazon Kindle Fire last month, and do have high hopes for the cut price tablet. So it is interesting to hear an analyst from Chitika talk about the areas they feel Amazon will need to look into in order for them to make a success of the Android based tablet.

Analyst at Chitika, Gabe Donnini has the following points to say about the cut price tablet:

“With the current level of competitiveness in the tablet market, currently dominated by the iPad, it appears that Amazon has a long way to go in terms of offering the complete and viable tablet experience,”

Now I am unsure that this point has much merit considering the general awareness and lack of marketing that I have personally seen.

I think it is way too early to say that a drop in general traffic surrounding the device means that the Kindle Fire is a flop, especially when Amazon are so protective of their sales data, and the device is so new.

His other points were related to the tablet being “close but no cigar”:

“The Kindle Fire certainly is a step in the right direction for Amazon and one of their most impressive tablets to date….it offers significant benefit at a relatively low cost, and if you’re willing to pay the extra mile, you can gain access to services such as Amazon’s Digital Content platform. However, if you are expecting a full-fledged tablet, you may be disappointed with functionality, given the Kindle Fire is more of an E-reader+.”

Give it a chance I say:

I feel that again the points made are based on poor knowledge of the device as the kindle fire is much more than an E-reader, offering access to movies and games is much closer to the tablet it rightly claims to be.

I do also think that the period chosen to extrapolate this data by Chitika is very misleading for a new device. The Kindle Fire was released in the Thanksgiving period with Black Friday also falling in and around that time, so this naturally sees huge peaks and troughs compared to the average internet activity for pretty much any device, never mind a brand new one.

“Pinch of salt” I would say regarding this data and report…and Chitika get a…”could do better” mark from me.

Anthony Munns