Is Apple to Release an iPhone 5 or iPhone 4S, or Both?

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With Apple due to release an upgrade to the iPhone 4 soon, we wonder if Apple will opt to go straight for an iPhone 5 or stagger the upgrade and introduce an iPhone 4S option also.

There are so many rumours out there for the strangest of things to be added to the new iPhone 5, with the latest rumour suggesting that the next iPhone will come with a 3D camera.

It is looking increasingly likely that the device will come with an upgrade in some areas but actually may just be an updated iPhone 4. However, conflicting reports are suggesting there may in fact be two iPhones this year, the iPhone 4S which will be the slight remodelling of the iPhone 4 and a new generation iPhone 5 that will incorporate more innovations ad technology.

So what would an iPhone 4S look like?

Well it seems likely the iPhone 4S would result in a similar if not exact same body shape as the current iPhone 4. This would obviously have some other tweaks though it may be just a complete upgrade of the innards and the chassis will remain the same.

The changes to the inside would likely include a new dual core set up in a similar vein to that of the iPad 2. This would see the new version of the phone having a dual 1GHz core and twice the processing power of the current iPhone.

The phone will also likely get a new upgrade of iOS 5; this will mean no need to physically connect to iTunes, access to the iCloud, a new Twitter integration and a number of other changes to the way the phone works which would keep it at the top of innovation. Apple will need to do this with the speedy updates and inventiveness that Android is showing.

The new iPhone 4S would also perhaps see an upgrade in camera – perhaps to 8mp and maybe a higher resolution for recording which would mean 1080p recording. This would be an upgrade that would be welcomed by iPhone 4 customers. If the reports of a 3D camera hold any weight it would probably not make an appearance on the 4S, which would most likely be marketed as a more affordable version of the Apple phone.

The device may also get a few new ports such as HDMI or DLNA connectivity. You may also see Apple allow its phones use with the NFC chips on offer increasingly throughout the shopping centres in the country, although this rumour is unlikely as Apple bosses have stated that they do not feel the system is sophisticated enough just yet. However, it is unlikely that either iPhone shall have Flash support as we know how much of a dislike Mr Jobs has towards Adobe’s efforts.

The screen may also stay the same and the Retina Display is still the best in the market and this would likely not change, meaning the same for iPhone 4S. It is difficult to say just yet whether the two iPhone rumour is true or not, and many are sceptical considering that it goes against Apple convention. If the rumour turns out to be false then it will be very interesting indeed to see whether the next iPhone is a tweaked 4S or a whole new 5.

Are you looking forward to the iPhone 5 or happy with an update to the iPhone 4, if so what do you think should be added to the phone to make it more appealing?

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