iPhone Prototype Revealed 1983 First Edition

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Prototype iPhone from 1983:

There is no doubt that Apple innovate, and it is partly why I generally love them, yes I am getting dismayed with Apple of late, but it was inevitable that they would turn more demonic as they grew older, corporations often go this way in the end.

Amazing pictures of touchscreen phones from Apple:

Here we have what can arguably be considered an initial foray into iPhone territory with a device that offers phone like functionality with a touchscreen surface, this type of technology could add weight to some of the patent fights that Apple is currently undergoing in the courts against many rival companies.

And news that they had a working touchscreen phone back in 1983 proves the point, so not only is this picture proof of their desires, it appears that the phone was more than just a concept and was actually made into fully fledged prototypes.

Apple iPhone Prototype
Apple iPhone Prototype

Stylus v finger:

It would also appear that the first touchscreen phones that Apple devised where controlled using a stylus rather than the touchscreens that we know and love nowadays.

Indeed the phone never actually made it onto production as we all know, but the rumors are that it was designed by the German-American Harmtut Esslinger, and he is reported to be the guy behind the Apple IIc, this being one of Apples first moves into the portable computer market.

Tablet picture:

Stanford university keep a stockpile of Apple documents, and in these there appears to even be a picture that looks remotely like a tablet computer, showing just how much work and detail Apple put into innovation and R&D, indeed you can not knock them on this, and if they want to be controlling while now being the most cash rich tech company globally then we are sure that they really are not interested.

Anthony Munns