iPhone 5 Was Steve Jobs Last Project

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iPhone 5 was jobs last work:

With the rather lacklustre release of the iPhone 4S we learn what Steve Jobs was doing at Apple until his final days.

iPhone 5 the legacy:

So it has finally become clear that Steve Jobs was working on the iPhone 5 as his last project, so Steve Jobs legacy will continue that little bit longer than perhaps expected since his death earlier this month.

According to an analyst at Rodman and Renshaw called Ashok Kumar, he was involved “from concept to final design” so it may be the case that Apple in somewhat opportunistic mode could have capitalised on Steve Job’s death to ensure that people thinking of going Apple could have a reason even if it is not quite the reason many analyst are looking for.

2012 Apple release iPhone 5:

The new iPhone 5 is rumoured to house a larger screen with a complete redesign, a slimmer body (I hope not at the expense of battery life), the body will be no bigger which indicates it could come with less curves.

iPhone 5 to be cult classic:

CNET seem to believe that Steve Jobs was not involved in the iPhone 4 development stage (this would make a lot of sense as not a great deal has altered) this was almost entirely due to time running out after his long battle with cancer.

If the iPhone 5 is to be the big chiefs last showdown for Apple we hope that it lives up to the hard work and vision that Monsieur Jobs has instilled at the company who now dominate the world….we would expect nothing less.

Anthony Munns