iPhone 5 To Have 4 Inch Screen Display

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Steve Jobs wishes discarded now he has passed away?

Seemingly against Steve Jobs’ wishes the rumour mill appears to suggest that the highly anticipated iPhone 5 will have a 4 inch display pushing the overall size of the device by some 8mm in length.

iLounge goes on to suggest that the device will be lacking a few curves and will feature more flat spaces like the iPhone 4 with the casing to be potentially constructed form Aluminium like the iPod touch, the need to ensure that modern LTE connections work effectively means that internally space is once more at a premium so out go curves in favour of more ridged and spacious angular internal design, something I am not averse to in general.

iPhone 5 4 Inch Display
iPhone 5 4 Inch Display

iPhone 5 due soon?

It looks like the next iPhone 5 will be released in summer of 2012 as Apple appear to still be in the engineering phase before production kicks of in earnest once design and functionality testing has been ironed out and approved, and it also looks likely that the next generation iPad 3 will also be out in mid 2012.

Why was Steve Jobs so against the extra screen real estate?

It appears that in typical controlling ways the man that brought us the whole “iConcept” wanted to ensure that all iPhone devices appeared the same, so stretching a new Apple iPhone screen would produce fragmentation in experience levels for users of the device, and this would lead the iOS system into a messy fragmented mess (I a exaggerate for effect here), and we all know what Apple love more than anything, and that is standardisation where things work as they should with very little extra input needed at all.

I personally do not see what the concern is about, as this kind of development is natural and is seen in other device manufacturers range with no major issues at all.

iPad 3 to be thicker?

On a similar area, it also appears that the new iPad 3 will feature a slightly more bulky exterior by 0.77 mm, this extra fraction of room will allow the device to contain the circuitry and electronics needed to display the much anticipated “ultra high resolution” display that is promised to be included on the next generation iPad.

Are you looking forward to the next arrival of the iPad and iPhone? and what would you like to see included in the design and functionality of these much loved devices?

Anthony Munns