iPhone 5 Release Date Rumor With Talk Of New Design

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iPad 5 Release date:

It is time for another iPhone 5 rumor, with analyst’s Gene Munster and Piper Jeffray tipping that the release date will be summer 2012 as we already discussed in an earlier article that referenced the iPhone 5 release date.

The new 6th generation iPhone 5 could be a brand new design, and not simply an upgraded iPhone 4 like the 4S was.

iPhone 5 Release Date
iPhone 5 Release Date

What will be included in the new iPhone 5 design?

With Siri being one of the main distinguishing features about the iPhone 4S, many owners of the plain iPhone 4 model felt aggrieved at going for an upgrade to the Apple iPhone 4S when the benefits were so minimal.

However, the new iPhone 5 release aims to make Steve turn in his grave in a good way, with rumours that it will include a 4 inch edge to edge OLED display. The sixth generation model also looks set to feature a bigger “all over” redesign than previous iterations, this could be one of a series of major overhauls for pretty much the whole Apple product range, and is in keeping with rumors heard from many corners of the technology world.

With Apple being pretty conservative last year with most of their product range, it looks likely that an overall progression for their product range will be delivered in 2012 in terms of design and features, an overhaul if you like of almost the whole Apple ecology. This is likely to include the iPhone, iPad, Macbook and Macbook pro.

What would you like to see on the new iPhone 5?

So enough with all the “expert” talk and let us pass this over to you, let us know what you would like to see on the new iPhone range.

What areas do you think the current iPhone 4S lacks in?

I think that a new design would be nice, and I would go for a slightly bigger screen, I think the Galaxy S2 has the right screen real estate for a mobile phone and would not like to lose that if I switched back to Apple, other than that, I will look forward to hearing your own views!

Anthony Munns