iPad Used To Remix Entire Song Live

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Can you remix a song with an iPad?

As someone who used to produce and engineer dance music as a hobby to professional standards over ten years ago, the idea of being able to create high quality, fun tracks on an iPad sounds great.

So the news from ReelSEO that the guys at EastMidWestMusic had released a remix of a pretty crap (Jason Derulo’s “It Girl”) song using only iPad apps, I was intrigued.

As a Youtube channel launch I have to say it has a great novel factor, and it was delivered with class.

Apple must love this showcase:

You see where Samsung have resorted to getting personal with rivals Apple, the iPad makers still make sure that when they are selling you their products they show you what YOU can do with them. So this all singing, all dancing (literally) video and showcase of the iPads excellent music apps is a great selling point.

iPad Music Remix
iPad Music Remix

So what was used?


  • Rebirth
  • Alchemy
  • GarageBand
  • Magic Fiddle
  • iSynpoly
  • MadPad
  • Animoog
  • Magic Piano


Love it or not Android looks dull on many occasions:

Now come on Android lovers, sorry, but you can not compete with this kind of fun right now.

The most expensive of these apps is the Animoog version costing a reasonable $29.99 but you will need quite a few iPad’s and friends to deliver this “truly” live, though you can sequence this up with just the one iPad once you have mastered the likes of garageband, which is pretty simple compared to Cubase and Logic.

You see Apple can not lose when they have an army of people using their products in such creative and intriguing ways.

People out there daily, effectively selling their apps and tablets for free, and extolling the virtues of such a great piece of technology, yes it is not as fast as competitors but it does more!

And seriously I still receive no money from Apple…this must change…;)

Anthony Munns