iPad 3 Summer Release

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iPad 3 Coming soon?

Nikkei Business seems to have news on Apple’s future product lines.

In a recent article the newspaper has reported that the iPad 3 release will not be hitting shelves as soon as many would have liked, and unlike past versions of the iPad, a spring released is likely to be altered to a summer release for the new iPad 3.

iPad 3 Summer Release And To Feature LTE
iPad 3 Summer Release And To Feature LTE

iPhone 5 release:

And if the rumours source is to be believed then Apple’s iPhone 5 is going to be released, like its predecessor the iPhone 4S, in the fall.

Both will support LTE:

In important news for lovers of future proofing, both new devices are rumoured to be shipping with support for the new wave of wireless connectivity LTE.

This technology, in theory, should offer improved speeds and durability in terms of signal loss, and also provide end users with a faster and extremely mobile range of Apple devices.

This is once carriers are through arguing about 4G (LTE) in the UK and an overall roll out becomes more widespread globally.

With trials of 4G in the UK currently being trialled by o2.

Verizon and some other carriers in the US and globally already offer 4G, but it is not currently widespread by any means.

Apple to take the hit for redundant technology:

Now if the devices were to be shipped with full support for LTE, would Apple be happy to include this as standard when there is no clear roll out planned for much of the US, the UK and wide areas of Europe and Asia.

Would Apple really be happy sourcing the technology and including this as standard at a potential loss in profits, or would an optional LTE version be available for a price, meaning they could omit the new modem from the new range when not wanted, saving cash?

This much we can not tell. But it looks very likely that LTE will be a considered option which is good news for the new iOS range of devices and consumers.

LTE technology issues:

With various regions of the globe looking to deliver LTE on different frequency spectrum’s, Apple could have a tough time right now in making sure that their products work globally on every network when such variations occur.

Qualcomm LTE modem:

Though there could be a solution in the new Qualcomm LTE modem which is rumoured to be able to support every standard going and should therefore be a perfect modem choice for the new range of iOS and tablet devices.

Anthony Munns