iPad 3 Release Launch Date February 2012

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The Apple iPad 3 could be arriving in early 2012:

We have already given our guesstimate on the arrival and release date of the new iPad 3 in an earlier post, but we always like to keep our Apple hungry readers with up to date information related to the products they love, so here is our latest update.

iPad 3 February 2012 Release Launch
iPad 3 February 2012 Release Launch

Yes the latest speculation doing the rounds right now seems to suggest that Apple are looking to deliver the iPad 3 in just a couple of months time.

Business Insider have spotted notes relating to the release in a research document created by Analyst Richard Gardner.

Gardner is quoted saying:

“there do not appear to be any significant technical hurdles remaining”

(in the production of the iPad 3).

This relates to the issues with the retina display that will feature in the new iPad.

February launch date for the iPad 3:

Citing “several sources”, it would appear that the iPad 3 release date will be in February 2012, and the tablet will have a resolution twice that of the iPad 2, the fact that there appears to be no problems in producing the new retina display, means that, if true, an earlier release date than expected is very possibly on the cards.

So will a February release still not be a bit early:

Apple usually work on a 12 months or so product life cycle, so February would appear a month or so early. However with the iPad 2 beginning to look a bit weak in the specification department, it could very possibly mean that the iPad 3 will make a slightly earlier entrance than expected.

Whatever the date, the new tablet looks set to stay the most popular tablet by manufacturer on the market.

I was in an Apple store this weekend, and let me tell you that the demand for these devices pre-Christmas was insane, with every type of person seemingly after the iPad 2, I think that 2012 will see the tablet really come of age, now they are in everyone’s parlance finally.

I am however going to suggest that the date will not be as hoped for in this article, but will more than likely still be early 2012 in a Keynote presentation the date of which has not been set, but perhaps will be mid to late March.

Are you looking forward to the arrival of the new Apple tablet? And if you own one already, what features do you hope will be brought into life with the new model?

Anthony Munns