iPad 3 Release Date And Features

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iPad 3 Release date:

It is thought that the iPad3 will be released in early-mid 2012, based on the following news about Sharp displays, with many saying that the first half of the year is more likely than the second, though clear dates on this are as of yet unknown.

Sharp to produce new iPad displays:

Sharp seem likely to be the company of choice when Apple come to upgrade their iPad display in the new iPad 3.

The Kameyama 2 plant which is owned by Sharp will be manufacturing the screens.

Sharp are already the manufacturer of choice for the displays in the iPhone 4S.

iPad 3 Release Date
iPad 3 Release Date

Apple are reportedly investing in Sharp’s Japanese production arm to make sure that it can meet the growing demand for the smartphone and tablets that they produce.

This news seems to suggest that the iPad will be getting a full release before mid 2012.

Display resolution to quadruple:

Currently the iPad offers a pretty reasonable but not genre beating 1024×768 display. This is likely to be increased to a much more impressive 2048×1536, which as it stands would mean that the iPad would reign as the highest resolution tablet on the market.

At this level of resolution, a 9.7 inch iPad display would deliver 264ppi, whereas current 10.1 inch displays on Android offer in the region of 150ppi, tablets would still not offer the same level of detail as smartphones, which currently offer anything up to and over 300ppi.

iPad still tablet leader:

With Apple recently proclaiming that they are not worried about the various new rival tablet contenders to hit the market. It is perhaps the fragmentation of the non Apple based tablet variety that really makes people want to stick with a stable company with a great operating system, and plenty of apps to make the experience your own.

Anthony Munns