iPad 3 Launch Date Update Video Advert Released

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iPad 3 rumors of early 2012 release date:

Yes, the iPad 3 release date rumors are coming thick and fast, we have already given you an overview on some important areas that may help the release date of the iPad 3 to be in February. However these are all well and truly firmly entrenched in “rumouville” for now.

So when will the next generation iPad 3 be released?

iPad 3 Launch Date Rumours
iPad 3 Launch Date Rumours

Asking this question to a group of technology journalists will get you a mixed bag of replies, some will tell you as we did, that a February iPad 3 release is on the cards, others will go with the sands of time and state that the likely date for the unveiling of the product will be in Mid-march, with an imminent release, what ever the outcome, the likelihood is a pre mid 2012 date, that is to say it should be in stores before June/July 2012 if the past is anything to go by.

And let us face it, while Apple can shock us on many occasions the release date of the iPad 3 is something that they are less likely to play with for effect.

iPad 3 Commercial

Please now take a look at the new pre-release teaser here :)…ok, so this is a send up, but enjoy:

iPad 3 features?

Yes the device looks like it has no rim and is transparent! Maybe Apple have got themselves access to that amazing new technology called Graphene, read “What is Graphene” here to enlighten yourself. But, I digress, while that device looks sweet, I doubt that this will be the new iPad 3, in looks anyway, as this video is a pure concept video by a person? calling themselves Dakota Adney, using a little bit of After effects and such like I imagine.

A Better Camera?

Citi analyst Richard Gardner would argue that the new iPad may not look transparent and rimless but it could well have a new camera, talking of the release date he states that:

“There do not appear to be any significant technical hurdles remaining,”

With cameras on the iPad 2 being pretty average for anything other than facetime, the camera area is one that can be upped quite easily and would help them gain a bit more respect in this department.

“Both cameras on the iPad 2 are horrible, sure, they work for FaceTime and such, but the results are pitiful. While tablets are still unwieldy for taking pictures, most of the competition is fielding tablets with 3- and 5-megapixel cameras. I don’t imagine I’ll be using a tablet for most photo-taking needs, but having a decent one on board wouldn’t hurt.”

Wrote Eric Zeman at Information Week.

So will the design change?

While it is very possible a new racial design could see the light of day, I doubt very much that we will see anything more than a few tweaks here and there in this release, make it lighter, more powerful, and simply up the specifications all round. I see probably nothing more than an improved iPad 2 coming out on this round.

Smaller iPad release?

It seems unlikely that Apple will launch a smaller version in general, as this was something Steve Jobs was not keen on discussing prior to his death, however with the rise in popularity of the Amazon Kindle Fire there does potentially bring into light a new challenge that may need to be overcome, and may force Cupertino to release a cut-price version of the iPad, whether this will mean “smaller” in size remains to be seen.

Talk of new release has not hit iPad 2 sales:

Senior research analyst at Piper Jaffray, Gene Munster, seems to believe that Apple will sell some 13.5 million iPad this December, which will be a huge 80%+ increase over the same months in 2010.

Quite amazing really, as I just advised my girlfriend to just go out and get one after she asked me if I should wait, a great thing about Apple products is that their resale value is high, so if a new model does come out quick, you should only lose about $100 or £60 ish if you get your old model sold on Ebay etc!

We will keep you posted on further iPad 3 news as we get it.

Anthony Munns