Internet In The Middle Of The Arctic – No Problem

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Internet for the extreme geeks:

Rather aptly following on from my last post about surviving without a traditional internet connection for five weeks on Terra-firma, this news takes things to a whole new level:

Yes, you can now get the internet while you are in the middle of the ocean or Arctic, or indeed pretty much anywhere else on this wonderful globe we spin around on courtesy of a company called Iridium communications who will charge you a pretty penny for the privilege, but could mean that once in a lifetime voyage around the world is a little less lonely (assuming the trip is not born from a mid life breakdown of your marriage and you are looking for peace and quiet)

How does it work?

Iridium Satellite Wi-Fi Phone
Iridium Satellite Wi-Fi Phone

Well Iridium just so happen to be in the business of satellite communications and with a nifty little box that will set you back around $200 you can then connect this up to one of their own Iridium phones that will then create a Wi-Fi hotspot not dissimilar to the tethering I was going on about yesterday that saved my life for five weeks. You are then able to access your email from your smartphone or tablet while you freeze your t**t’s off in the Arctic tundra…nice.

The phone however will cost you around $1000 and per minute access will be about $1. This is not bad in my opinion if you think that you can open and disconnect when needed.

How fast then?

Well in all honesty pretty crap, slower than a 56k dial up. But, you should be able to access simple email and reply while you are in the oddest of locations, so in some circumstances this could be both a true life saver or just a convenient “life saver” that allows you to stay in contact with loved ones when no other options are available.

Anthony Munns