HP Announce Future Of Web OS

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HP will inform people of their plans for webOS in weeks:

Company CEO Meg Whitman today revealed in French newspaper Le Figaro that they are looking to make a full statement relating to the stricken mobile operating system in the next couple of weeks.

With HP stopping all production of their mobile devices, including tablets and smartphones and retailers selling them off at a discount, many are still unsure exactly why this occurred and what the future holds for what many thought was a technically decent mobile O/S.

HP still needs a change of direction:

webOS Future
webOS Future

After the departure of Leo Apotheker and Whitman coming in as replacement, the task at hand for the new CEO is quite simply to steady the ship and take HP into more profitable and lucrative long term waters.

Though in a statement recently he has admitted that the company still remains in a state of flux, and that HP was still figuring out what they stand for as an organisation and the best move(s) going forward.

600 people in limbo:

When asked in an interview what HP would do with webOS, Whitman replied:

We should announce our decision in the next two weeks. This is not an easy decision, because we have a team of 600 people which is in limbo. We need to have another operating system.

When Whitman does decide to make the statement, after many more meetings relating to the future of the mobile arm of HP. He does stress that whichever way it goes it will affect the lives of 600 people who are currently in limbo.

Apple to overtake HP in PC sales

As if bowing out of the mobile device market before they had really got going was not bad enough, it appears that sales of actual PC’s (if you class the iPad as a PC) would force HP into second place as Apple do a fine job of yet again making and breaking records.

Whitman stated that they do however need a new O/S in order to move forward effectively.

Meanwhile, Oracle could be interested in a sale of the webOS product and patents if HP were looking to sell.

Anthony Munns