Hed Kandi To Offer Mobile Tickets

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Hed Kandi, a UK based record label and event organisers (owned by The Ministry Of Sound) have started to delve into the mobile ticket arena.

Mobile tickets come raving into town:

I feel they have made a bold and wise move, here is why:

Utilising TicketScript a new mobile ticket service provider, Hed Kandi are now offering tickets to their events via a Facebook page and also on it’s very own Ibiza Application.

Mobile marketing manager Tom Bulwer has clearly stated that they have a strategy within the mobile and digital
markets, and is quoted as saying:

“To deliver our digital and mobile strategy, it’s essential to use the right technology partners and to work collaboratively with the best minds in the market,”

Holy Grail Of Retailers

He then goes on to explain that TicketScript offered the flexibility to deliver tickets via an Internet presence and also via mobile phones all fully integrated within social networking applications, having a one-stop-shop method of purchasing is exactly what they needed and is indeed the holy grail of retailers.

Marco Meijer, the group sales director of Ticketscript, says:

“We strive to be at the forefront in online ticketing by providing new innovative sales channels for our customers and the addition of Hed Kandi as a client is testament to this. The integration of social media and mobile technology compliments traditional sales channels and provides a comprehensive solution for ticketing.”

With the growth of SmartPhones coupled with the growing presence and integration of social networking sites like Facebook, we predict that more and more retailers with digital goods to sell such as tickets will start looking at ways they can integrate an e-commerce section to their existing media outlets (web, apps, social networks)

And this makes perfect sense, because making a purchase as easy as possible by simply clicking a button, improves the chances of making the sale, plus you can do all the cool sales parts via the interface that the visitor is using making the product or service seem even more appealing if done right.

Have you made an e-ticket or m-ticket purchase yet?

Did all go to plan, and would you do it again if it was an option?

Anthony Munns