Happy Birthday SMS Messaging – Do You Remember Your First Text?

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So Text Messaging Approaches Adulthood:

No puns intended but plenty to be had if it was not so late!

Yes the humble but ubiquitous text is nearly out of its teenage years, so what has the SMS brought us and where is it heading?

UK saw first ever text message:

Back in 1992 it was a guy called Neil Papworth of Vodafone who sent the first text message via PC to a guy called Richard Jarvis, also of Vodafone, the text was received on an Orbitel 901 handset.

Happy Birthday Text Messaging
Happy Birthday Text Messaging

And slightly early or belated, depending on your own view point, the text message simply said “Happy Christmas”

Technology for SMS is over 27 years old:

Th technology behind the SMS is 27 years old and was developed by the Franco German GSM cooperation in 1984 by Bernard Ghillebaert and Friedhelm Hillebrand

In 2010 the simple text message generated revenues of over $110 billion for networks globally with industry analysts predicting that this could top $700 billion in the next 5 years.

We say happy birthday texts! And long may you be around as a simple but highly effective form of communication!


Anthony Munns