Google Tablet An iPad Rival Released In Mid 2012?

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Will a Google tablet arrive mid 2012?

In news from Italy, where many Nexus S owners are having problems with the Ice Cream Sandwich update after a seemingly early release of ICS which is full of bugs for many Nexus S owners.

The president of Google, Eric Schmidt, has stated in Corriere della Sera, an Italian newspaper, that Google will be entering the tablet market in 2012:

“marketing a tablet of the highest quality”

And this will arrive within six months from now, so seemingly a Summer release.

Google Tablet Summer Release 2012
Google Tablet Summer Release 2012

Who will build the new Google tablet?

Now we would like to know if Google are going to go this alone, or use Samsung or another manufacturer to build their device, that will likely compete with the iPad if it is going to be of “the highest quality”, as we admit that the cut price versions such as the Amazon Kindle Fire and Barnes and Noble Nook are not at the level that would warrant a term that extols the virtue of “the highest quality”, lovely as they are, they are not at the top of their game, hence the price tag.

So we have another question, will google aggressively compete with Apple’s iPad on price like Amazon have tried to do, or will they try to work together to differentiate their own products as more desirable and with a heftier price tag.

Google Nexus tablet?

And what will such a tablet be called? Rumours are that it will be a “Nexus” tablet, though one problem will remain for now, and that is the lack of quality Applications available on the larger screened Android tablets, and is the biggest bug bear for most people who have sampled Apples stunning eco-system of options when it comes to functionality for their tablets. And remember a tablet is only as good as what it can do, not how fast it can do it.

Kids turned off by Apple, confused by Android:

With a recent report coming out saying that “the kids” are bored with Apple but confused with Android, is it time for Google to rise up and say, hey, this is what Android stands for in the tablet space, yes we are a bit fragmented, but here is your real alternative to the iPad?

Would you get that message?

Anthony Munns