Google Plus Reaches 10 Million Users

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Google plus reaches 10 million users already.

With Google’s new social network┬áreaching ten million users already, could facebook and twitter have a serious contender on their hands?

So who is making up the numbers so far?

Well disappointingly I have not yet had an invite of my own. It appears that most people are technology aficionados and mainly men, with friendlier contacts than me!
This was always likely to be the case as it helps the whole process from a bug fixing point of view, being able to share the experience of using Google+ with others in the blogosphere who are already quite savvy about usability and perhaps can illuminate the Google plus team quickly enough on their own thoughts.

Google plus focused on professionals?

I personally feel that Google need to aim their network to business professionals, it’s a gap filled with Linkedin and the likes of Quora, but has huge potential for growth if a monster like Google can put its weight and knowledge behind it.

Google mail extension – the natural progression.

With Google already having the World’s largest advertising network, it will be exceptionally easy to monetise a social network that has cash rich professionals as its user base?

Google Plus Mainly Men Currently

It would appear that most users are currently male at around 80% – 20%, this would be in keeping with the kind of figures most are used to seeing in the technology sector, which is still primarily dominated by men. I am sure once the flood gates open that this new social network will soon start averaging out a lot more than it currently seems to be once the social media darlings of the world jump right on in for a swift “huddle”.

Have you had an invite? If so what do you think of Google plus?

Anthony Munns