Gmail Just Got Even Better – App Needs Work Though!

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Gmail goes slick with new look:

Gmail is my preferred email client of choice for many, many reasons.

But it has been looking dated of recent, even with a theme of your own choice, the overall font and proportion looked a bit dull.

Welcome to the new look Gmail:

As you can see, the new look Gmail is a lot more bright, nice use of opacity and a few little hidden extras that make life a little easier.

Navigation improvements:

An always visible tool-bar improves ease and speed in which you can make decisions, they have even included new icons that simplify and stylise the experience for 2011 rather than 2006.

The whole look and feel has been significantly improved in the new look Gmail browser experience.

Gmail Icons
Gmail Icons

Custom space:

On top of this there have been improvements to the way you can customize the experience, allowing you to reduce size of fonts and increase them depending on screen size, meaning a more comfortable and tailored experience, though not entirely new, it is easier to apply.

Gmail Customize

Gmail conversations:

In order to save space, conversations (email threads) are reduced to snippets that can be opened and shut to save space, a nice improvement in terms of how it works as the other look and feel looked a bit lacking in areas and was not as obvious that you could open the thread.

Gmail Conversation
Gmail Conversation

The world needs to switch to Gmail…so marketeers can deliver video email!

It would make so much more sense for marketeers to have everyone using Gmail, then we could share video without needing to force recipients from their email client into a browser window and lose that continuity, yes I am lazy and that extra click matters!

Plus you are able to bring in your email from various other web addresses safely and have a fully managed toolset that can work as a CRM of sorts, calendar, search engine, email client etc….oh and I forgot it has the same capabilities as Skype to other Gmail users….why the world is not on Gmail eludes me, it’s great and just got better!

Gmail for Android terrible:

Ironically I can not say anything good about the Android Gmail application, the one that should work perfectly all things considered, but never seems to update and when it does it take ages on a refresh despite having trialled various settings that are not very intuitive at all.

So for Gmail on Android please improve this also ASAP.

The new changes explained by the big G themselves:

Anthony Munns