Galaxy Nexus US Release Update December 15th

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Verizon still holding back confirmed date:

While Verizon are obviously delaying the US release of the much anticipated Samsung Galaxy Nexus, we have heard rumours that the date could now be December the 15th.

The reason for the initial 9th December delay seems to be an issue with the LTE compatibility of the smartphone.

Samsung Galaxy Nexus US Release Date 15 December
Samsung Galaxy Nexus US Release Date 15 December

We had predicted that the US launch of the Samsung Galaxy Nexus would be at the end of the week just after the Canadian release, but we admit this did not happen.

Android community and Verizon resellers now tip December 15th date:

This date has come about from a combination of the Android community digging deep and an apparent source from a Verizon reseller, and a separate anonymous second-party retailer.

The manager of this particular store was told that he would get authorization to sell the Galaxy Nexus at the start of business on December 15th.

Verizon customer support confirm that initial date was the 9th of December:

We can confirm that Verizon staff were told that the release date was to be the 9th Dec, as predicted, but as we all now know, the phone was pulled at the last minute due to what we believe to be the LTE issue mentioned above.

Galaxy Nexus in Stock in stores:

Good news for the more impatient Galaxy Nexus fanciers is that stores in the US apparently already have the device but have been told to hold fire until the LTE issue is sorted.

No official date has been set from Verizon other than the device will be released before the end of 2011.

We think the 15th of December tip looks very likely though, and as always, we will keep you posted on dates and news related to the release.

If you really can not wait there is always the Amazon store with this unlocked version which is pretty handy right now!

*Update – Thanks to theWUbear who commented on this, something I simply missed:

It is rumoured on Phandroid that an issue with Google Wallet being installed on the Nexus is causing the delay due to Verizon’s dislike of this, which may have no small part to do with their recent partnership with ISIS to offer NFC payments on mobiles.

This therefore seems to have been the main reason for the delay, and one which brings into the equation issues of Net Neutrally, though the date of December the 15th looks set to be the hopeful eventual release.

Anthony Munns