Galaxy Nexus US Release Date

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Galaxy Nexus US release date update:

A solid launch date for the Samsung Galaxy Nexus in the US has appeared via Verizons recent equipment guide that shows that the Galaxy Nexus 4G LTE will be available.

The cover was blown over at Droid Life after they obtained the official equipment guide, and will actually be launching this Friday on December the 9th.

Our review of the Galaxy Nexus last month and found the phone to be pretty fantastic all in all.

Final US release of the Samsung Galaxy Nexus:

Samsung Galaxy Nexus US Release Date
Samsung Galaxy Nexus US Release Date

We have also already told you how to get your hands on an unlocked version of the Samsung Galaxy Nexus from Amazon here, but this will be the official launch of the Samsung Galaxy Nexus in the US.

Yes the Ice Cream Sandwich running smartphone should have got over some of its teething issues and will be available just in time for Christmas making this purchase a likely gadget choice of the season alongside the Amazon Kindle Fire

If you wish to keep in touch with the product page for the Galaxy Nexus on Verizon, that should be populated once the device is available, please take note of the following link and stay peeled, we will be keeping you update of further news, but it looks likely that the release will be by the end of this week.

This phone has been one of the most anticipated devices to arrive on US shores after the recent release of the Motorola Droid RAZR XT910 and now the Samsung Galaxy Nexus. This will be a serious blow to Apples hopes of taking the Xmas period with less competition to contend with.

Anthony Munns