Galaxy Nexus Touchscreen Problem

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Galaxy Nexus Touchscreen Problems:

It seems that the new Ice Cream Sandwich Android 4.0, which is already installed on the Samsung Nexus, is far from bug free, so we want to highlight some of the issues that currently face owners of the Samsung Galaxy Nexus.

One issue that has started to surface seems to be a touchscreen problem and is demonstrated kindly in the video below:

Yes the Galaxy Nexus Touchscreen Problem seems to affect players of a certain game who use the device in landscape mode, i.e the wide way, and is apparently solved by locking and unlocking the screen.

If you are looking to faithfully recreate the bug and want proof, then follow this tutorial from “The Jax” on Zootski:

“To start off without the bug, unlock your device and use a multitouch testing app and it’s good (pick pretty much anything that works and it shows it working just fine). To break it, run Heavy Gunner 3D by Com2uS (was one of the 10c apps) and use the two control areas for your two guns. Notice that the left one reliably works but the right one often doesn’t work, once you’ve done the previous thing, exit the app and go back to your multitouch testing app and you can continue to to reproduce the problem by using the same two areas of your screen that I mentioned in the game.”

Now I have to ask is this an issue with ICS or an issue with the game in question?

Have you had problems like this or is this an issue that is best left to the game developers to sort out?

Anthony Munns