Galaxy Nexus Signal Problems On Verizon

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What is it with Samsung?

I know people think I get paid by Apple..;)

But trust me, that could not be further from the truth, however I must point out that in recent days, Samsung seem to be beset by problems related to their Ice Cream Sandwich devices, whether that is the newly released US version of the Nexus on Verizon, or the updated Nexus S’s, globally, the problems just keep mounting.

Verizon Samsung Nexus Signal Problems
Verizon Samsung Nexus Signal Problems

Nexus signal issues:

So now we take a look at the latest issue to hit the Galaxy Nexus range after the initial volume problem we reported weeks ago.

As Samsung and Verizon are well aware of this issue it may be prudent that you keep track of things on the Verizon twitter account for support updates.

The issues that people have raised, mirror similar issues with the Ice Cream Sandwich Update Problems on the Nexus S, and include:


  • Lower than average signal strength
  • Dropped calls


Verizon are said to be working on the issue, but for now we do not see much you can do apart from “toggle” between “airplane mode” on and off, which seems to work for some people, though this problem seems much less severe than the issues we have had reported for the Nexus S update, where users are saying that they can not use their phone at all, and that MMS functionality and other features they expect to be able to use has now stopped working altogether.

Have you had the same issues, or others? If you have, please let us know all about them, and any workarounds that you have devised, or help you have found elsewhere on the internet, many thanks.

Anthony Munns