Galaxy Nexus No Flash Support

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No flash on the Samsung Galaxy Nexus:

With Europeans enjoying the new release of the seemingly much loved Samsung Galaxy Nexus, we wonder how much the lack of support for Flash mobile that is offered on Google’s new operating system: “Ice cream sandwich” is going to affect any new smartphone models adoption rate when users realise that things will be slightly limited for a period while various technology, manufacturers, publishers, advertisers and content creators catch up to the future of HTML5, and standards are widely adopted.

UPDATE – ICS Will get Flash Support, but last version

Samsung Galaxy Nexus No Flash Support
Samsung Galaxy Nexus No Flash Support

HTML 5 the future of the web experience:

We all know that anything that Flash can do HTML5 can do the same if not better. This currently however is not obvious to many people as most dynamic mobile content is currently only produced with flash players in mind, and HTML5 equivalents are arguably quite mediocre by and large at the moment.

I personally think it is great news that Samsung have gone the Apple route and forced some change rather than let outdated technology linger on ad-infinitum as the scourge of Internet Explorer did for many web designers, purely because that dratted Microsoft company refused to make a decent browser that supported a variety of standards, in that case it took Firefox, Safari, Opera and Chrome to make people realise an alternative was there that was much nicer and safer to use, oh yes and a legal landmark case that stopped said Microsoft from peddling every Windows based computer system on the face of the planet at purchase with the dreaded I.E family of “browsers”.

Could battery life be the reason to ditch Flash?

One of Apples big gripes with Flash was that it was a power hungry beast and with battery life issues pervading the smartphone and tablet market, I wonder if Samsung’s issues with battery life in the Samsung S2 may have quite a big sway to finally go full hog for the HTML5 option for dynamic content, which in theory should be easier on battery drain.

Google do not rule out Flash in the future for Ice cream sandwich:

According to a report in Slashgear:

”Flash hasn’t been released for ICS yet so as far as we know, Adobe will support Flash for ICS.”

So it seems a little murky as to what will and wont be released on ICS, but for now, buyers of the Galaxy Nexus will not be able to access Flash content as they may have expected. We just wonder if this is a decision maker for most users or only those who are a little more demanding on the technology that is contained within their beloved smartphones?

Do tell all people?

Anthony Munns