Galaxy Nexus Final Release Date Update

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Galaxy Nexus release update finally:

With the news that Verizon have teamed up with security experts Gemalto, the reason behind the delayed Samsung Galaxy Nexus seems to be down to the NFC capabilities of the phone and Google Wallet’s NFC technology being part of the new Galaxy range by default.

In relation to NFC issues, some say security was the problem, others say typical Verizon anti-competitiveness, either way the much anticipated arrival of the Samsung Galaxy Nexus has been tedious.

Verizon and the consortium behind Google Wallets rival Isis were seemingly not so pleased at Google Wallet being so ingrained in the device and this could be a valid reaosn for the delay.

Galaxy Nexus 15th December US release?

We had given a false hope that the new Galaxy Nexus would be released late last week, but this did not prove to hold true, however this picture seems to suggest that the 15th of December could finally be the actual US release date of the new Samsung Galaxy Nexus.

Samsung Galaxy Nexus US Release Date
Source: Engadget: Samsung Galaxy Nexus US Release Date

Yes, it looks like good news at last, as the leaked pictures courtesy of Engadget, seem to show what looks like an image from a Costco store showing that the device is due to be released in the US finally on the 15th December, the stores already have the stock, so it is just a matter of time before Verizon gets a move on.

Lets us wait and see if this is another red herring in the long running saga of the official US release of the Samsung Galaxy Nexus in the US, you bored yet? I am.

Anthony Munns