Fancy An iPhone For Only $30,000

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Diamond encrusted iPhone sells for $30,000

With every man and his dog owning an iPhone its not as easy as you might want to look a little different in the pub nowadays.

So hows about splashing out on a $30,000 dollar diamond encrusted iPhone that is sure to get the geezers down the ale house ringing up their dodgy mates to come and pay a visit with a baseball bat or five.

lady blanche iphone
lady blanche iphone

Well with the “Lady Blanche” from Gresso, you can look as bling as posh or becks and almost guarantee a black eye in most pubs other than with a W1 postcode in front of them.

The truth is this piece of engineering is actually quite cool as what has been achieved is quite remarkable, the size remains to all intents and purposes the same, but the device has jewels all round the casing, all submerged in their own fluid so they float around like your phone is some cheap chince from a very expensive market store in 1981.

Trouble being why would you buy an iPhone 4 for $30,000 albeit with lovely diamonds, when the new iPhone 5 is due out pretty damn soon.

Though in all honesty I really do not think you would actually use one of these “statements” and am sure they will fetch a pretty penny in years to come.


If you can not quite stump up the $30,000 for real diamonds why not look at the Swarovski alternative for a mere $7,000, with only 150 devices being made I am sure that they will both sell out and also make a pretty penny for some savvy investor.

I just wish the three time pieces on the front of the iphone had “London”, “New York” and “Peckham” on them, that would have been sweet.

Anthony Munns