Drunken RIM Execs Handcuffed On Air Canada Flight To Beijing Before Emergency Landing

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Technology industry is the new Rock and Roll?

I have often said that the technology industry is the new Rock and Roll, and Uber-Geeks are tech lovers idols.

RIM Execs Force Air Canada Flight To Make Emergency Landing
RIM Execs Force Air Canada Flight To Make Emergency Landing

So it is with great delight that I hear of two Canadian jackasses proving me right with some downright disgraceful behaviour on a flight to China from the Motherland.

Yes, two respectful RIM executives, have got so blotto on an Air Canada flight that they had to be handcuffed to the seats in order for the staff to feel in control. I wonder if they were arguing over which whisky to sample, such are the difficulties of having two people of power as key decision makers at RIM, surely this is just issues with research in motions managerial style filtering down to lower levels?

Not how RIM bosses feel:

Not in RIM’s eyes. Research In Motion are said to be acutely embarrassed by George Campbell and Paul Alexander’s behaviour, and both have been banned from flying during a probation period and have also been suspended from the company while investigations take place into the unruly on-board conduct.

Fines of $72,000:

As the flight had to make an emergency landing prior to reaching Beijing, Corporal Sherrdean Turley said of the incident:

“They were far too intoxicated and were just being unruly. The flight crew was asking them to smarten up, but they weren’t listening to anything they were being told,”

As a result the flight deviated hugely from it’s natural course and as a result had to change flight crews for safety reasons at the cost of well over $70,000, I assume this tab is going to be picked up by the ejected, grog devouring RIM reps.

RIM spokeswoman Marissa Conway said:

“Based on the limited information available at this time, RIM has suspended the individuals involved pending further investigation,”

We shall wait and see what will happen to the two workers in question later, and update you if any further news is worth reporting.

Anthony Munns