Droid X And OG Get Unofficial Ice Cream Sandwich Update

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Droid loves Ice Cream Sandwich:

In better news for Droid X owners, it would appear that their device can handle the Ice Cream Sandwich update unlike Samsung Galaxy S owners.

Yes the original Droid is hard as nails:

Unlike the faltering Samsung range, the Motorola Droid’s look like they stand up and say, “come on then, show me what you got”, with a little more gusto than our Korean counterparts.

The XDA forums are showing that OG Droid owners will get an Alpha build of Ice Cream Sandwich.

OG Droid Ice Cream Sandwich
OG Droid Ice Cream Sandwich

Yes, Android 4.0.3 is available to download for the Droid OG as reported on Droid Life, but I would not recommend you go near it until it is well out of Beta, unless you fancy offering some time to its development and helping debug the release.

Hard work of the community:

It is amazing how things appear in communities driven by a desire to make things work, and while I bang on about Apple devices offering a lovely, warm security blanket of gadgets that just work. It is rather nice to feel my semi-socialist inclinations being pulled a little when I hear about the Android community battling against the odds just for the sake of it.

Do you want Ice Cream Sandwich on your Droid?

So with this news coming out, will it appeal to you to get your Droid up to speed with the new ICS Android 4 update, or does the appeal of running a potentially “hooky” version of ICS put you off a bit for the gains that it could or could not offer you?

Please do let us know if you are attempting to trail the new Ice Cream Sandwich O/S on your OG Droid or indeed your Droid X, we would love to hear how it works for you.

Anthony Munns