Dominos Pizza UK Makes £130000 In Single Day From Mobile Alone

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Domino’s Pizza online sales up:

Domino’s Pizza have invested continually in online technology, they have recently released some very telling insights into how these investments have continued to pay off year on year.

Tentative early days to today:


  • 12 years ago £100,000 in a year via website
  • By 2000 £1m in one year
  • 2011 – £1 million in one day total online sales
  • Of which £130,000 was taken via mobile devices in that single day


Access all round:

Domino’s offer access via pretty much all devices to websites or applications are fully transactional so you can order on the go from pretty much anywhere, using your Android device, Apple iPhone or the full range of tablets on the market.

There is no doubt that £1m in revenue is a statistic that proves that the ROI for retailers is massive when you integrate an easy to use payment system with an easy to navigate mobile web platform.

Opt in marketing choice present?

Ah the holy grail of any marketing department, instant access to a happy customers mobile phone via an opt in service.

As someone who has not used Domino’s mobile applications to purchase pizza, I am curious to know if they are maximising the ability to send timely reminders to customers about offers, or deals straight to the mobile device?

Anthony Munns