B2B Mobile Marketing Becoming A Real Opportunity

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Social Media In Mobile Marketing:

With users of smartphones and tablets growing in huge numbers, research company Marketo has released convincing data that shows that content marketing strategies need to pay more attention to mobile users.

With companies expected to spend a huge $56 billion on mobile web marketing by 2014, this ties in with a growing need to re-purpose content for a number of mediums in order to maximize a marketing campaigns effectiveness when so much access to content is now via so many differing mediums.

Mobile Marketing For B2B
Mobile Marketing For B2B

No longer is the issue of Internet explorer the only concern to web developers and designers, companies using social media management services need to make sure that all content that is produced is accessible by as many people as possible even when they are using a smartphone, tablet, PC, Mac, or indeed any other popular mobile internet capable device.

B2B marketing for mobile

Morgan Stanley have backed up the report by stating that access to the internet from mobile devices will surpass stationary access by 2015

Content marketing is paramount to a successful social media marketing strategy and this is why it is starting to become key to ensure that mobile users are engaged as well as traditional internet users with content that is “fit for purpose”.

With users accessing more and more data on their mobile devices a real opportunity is growing for marketeers to harness this always on connection to ensure that they are speaking to their old and potentially new clients in ways that were perhaps more difficult to do in the past.

B2B marketing for mobile is the future, but it is still unclear exactly how it will look!

One thing is for sure, Google are in a prime position to scrape up location based marketing and services but how this will all pan out is unclear at this stage.

Anthony Munns