Audi Mobile Ad Spend Increases As Tablet Traffic Booms

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Audi claim around 18% of online traffic now comes from mobile devices:

With the dawn of the smartphone and the rise of the tablet it seems quiet apt that one of the most technologically astute automotive manufacturers should be benefiting from the rise on mobile device technology.

Hugh fletcher, who is Audi’s digital marketing manager, has said that smartphones are now bringing in a huge 7.5% of all online traffic and tablets have recently eclipsed this with a whopping 10.5%, so is this down to pure chance or are Audi looking to purpose content for the “smarter” audience?

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Audi Increase Mobile Ad Spending

Hugh then went on to point out in an interview with New Media Age that they are looking to see an increase in mobile ad spending around targeted campaigns based around automotive meetings and other relevant events.

“We are looking at things and it’s safe to say that next year will see a significant increase, which was a big year for mobile and us,” he added.”

Digital spending shift:

With Audi originally believing that mobile offered a great channel for direct response advertising, the move to more campaign based advertising using HTML5 sees a pretty big shift to a more creative way of utilising mobile rather than simply pushing it into a traditional mould. Rich media campaigns seem to be the way forward at Audi.

Fletcher went on to say:

“There was a nervousness (within Audi) that mobile couldn’t deliver a premium experience but that’s changing. As mobile devices (both smartphones and tablets) becomes the default browsing device, we move (advertising budget) there,” he said.

We look forward to seeing what comes out of the Vorsprung Durch Technik ad campaigns in the coming months and years.

Anthony Munns