ASUS Transformer Prime Delivery Update

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Still waiting for your ASUS transformer prime?

Well you will not be the only one, as shipments of the new tablet have been delayed meaning that retailers such as BestBuy are holding back on offering the model for delivery, so you may now see words such as “coming soon”, which appears to have altered since they offered the device for sale prior to the delivery issues.

Demand still very high:

ASUS Transformer Prime Release Delivery Update
ASUS Transformer Prime Release Delivery Update

With the ASUS Transformer Prime being so in demand, many who have pre ordered or purchased in the hope of a quick delivery will be somewhat disappointed, but as we have found, most people understand that on release of new models, these things happen!

However it does appear that those who ordered at pre-order stage may have had some luck in receiving their ASUS Transformer Prime under the tree before Christmas, but people who were at the latter stage in ordering may have been a touch unlucky and will have to wait a little longer.

ASUS confirm shipping:

A spokesperson for ASUS has confirmed that the first release was on the way into U.S partner stores, and more will be available and shipped as and when possible over the next few weeks.

“ASUS started shipment of units to our partners last week and supply will escalate quickly over the next couple of weeks.”

Some orders cancelled:

There are stories of some retailers cancelling pre orders due to the high demand, so some lucky people will have got the first releases, but others will have to wait a while and perhaps order again.

BestBuy sell the ASUS Transformer Prime, but it appears that you can only order the exclusive Gray model currently, and this, we assume, may only last a limited amount of time until stocks run out again.

While others have been successful with their order of the ASUS prime from BestBuy, we can see now that it says “coming soon” so they must have run out of stock of the normal model.

Amazon taking orders:

Amazon are said to be:

“taking orders for the next shipment of the Transformer Prime but this batch won’t ship until four to seven weeks later, which will be well into 2012.”

We can currently see that various models are still available at a price on Amazon, with other pre-order models looking at some 4-6 weeks delivery wait.

ASUS Transformer Prime set to be record breaker:

Jonney Shih, ASUS CEO has said of the new model and tablet PC’s in general that they expect to sell upward of 3 million tablet PC’s in 2012 with a hope that they may sell 6 million if things go well and the prime proves to be such a hit. With the ASUS Prime having that unique offering of a keyboard and battery dock (optional extras), it is hoped that this model may appeal to an even wider set of people than a pure tablet.

And with the arrival of Windows 8 in 2012, Jonney Shih has said they are going to be releasing the Transformer prime with the new O/S.

Exciting times for ASUS, so what are your stories on getting hold of this cool looking new tablet PC?

Anthony Munns