Apple iPhone 5 Rumor Of Total Redesign Is True

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Apple will release new iPhone 5 in fall 2012 with total redesign:

Thanks to the boys at boy genius report we can confirm that Apple are looking set to release a brand new model of iPhone with a total redesign in the fall of 2012.

Apple iPhone 5 Release Date
Apple iPhone 5 Release Date

We have already given some prediction as to when the iPhone 5 will arrive, but as with most things from Apple pretty much everything is speculation until the actual day, and we like it that way to be honest.

The details:

It appears that the next iPhone will be released at a similar time to this years slightly lacklustre iPhone 4S, i.e the back end of 2012, and a new bit of interesting info appears to show that the new smartphone will make use of a rubber/plastic type material which will be of a similar nature to the material used in their bumper cases, this will probably be part of the bezel around the redesigned phone and may help to aid the functionality of a rebuilt antenna, which will then allow Apple to build the back out of one piece of aluminium.

Will the screen size be larger?

Many want to see this feature as the only guaranteed addition in the next iteration of the iPhone, but we have no solid proof that the next iPhone will have a larger display or not.

So let us know what you think the new Apple iPhone should and should not contain in terms of hardware and software? Would you go back to a small screen if you are now used to a good sized Samsung S2 or similar?

I know this will be a deal breaker for me if I chose to go back to Apple, so what say you?

As usual tell us all about your own opinions in the comments below we look forward to hearing them.

Anthony Munns