Andy Pad Released Soon – Android Tablet For Under £130

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Andy Pad due for release on 1st September

I have been eagerly awaiting the release of the Andy Pad, courtesy of a company who started out in the wholesale mattress business of all things.

So is this UK based cut price tablet (iPad) worth its geeky salt or should it lay down and be buried in a years worth of bed sweat where it came from?

All things to some men:

With two options for the taking, the Andy Pad comes as a standard version and also a pro version, the standard comes in at £129 and the pro at a slightly more expensive £179.

Andy Pad Specifications:

Running a crowd pleasing Android 2.3 the device offers WiFi connectivity, a decent quality 3D chip and 1.2 Ghz processor with a nifty 1080P HDMI port.

The pro version sports a 16GB storage capacity, Front and Rear camera, Sensatouch screen and 1020 x 600 screen, with bluetooth included.

The standard version offers 8GB, Front camera ResiTouch screen and a 800 x 480 screen.

The iPad for the poor?

Andy Pad
Andy Pad

Having spoken on many occasions to the very friendly George Eastmead, business-development director at Andy Pad. I noticed a quote from a while ago stating that they had pitched the Andy Pad as a poormans iPad.

Eastmead reckons the Andy Pad:

“is going to be the tablet for the guy who wants an iPad, but can’t afford it”.

I am looking forward to seeing how this does, here is a new video showing off some of it’s gaming skills and while it does not have the wow factor of the iPad, it maybe just the kind of thing you end up putting in your trolley on a Sunday afternoon aimlessly strolling around Asda after a heavy night out when you have just won some cash on the football.

Yes good luck to the Andy Pad and look forward to seeing what retailers they get into soon!

Anthony Munns