Android OS Helps HTC 1st Quarter Growth for 2011

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With Google’s open source Android operating system being adpoted at a phenomenal rate figures have shown that the relatively unknown handset maker HTC has found a very profitable partner.

Lets take a look at the Q1 highlights for HTC in 2011:

HTC Q1 Highlights:


  • Q1 after-tax profit was NT$14.83bn, up 196.8% year-on-year. EPS was NT$18.36.
  • Total revenues grew for four consecutive quarters since 1Q 2010 and reached NT$104.16bn in 1Q, up 174.5% year-on-year.
  • Handset shipment for 1Q was 9.7mn units, up 192% year-on-year, 6% quarter-on-quarter.
  • 1Q gross profit margin in line with original guidance at 29.3%.
  • 1Q operating expense ratio was 13.4%, better than original guidance; 1Q operating margin reached 15.8%.


In May HTC said its sales reached over $1.4 Billion which is over 2 times 2010 figures.

With rumours that Microsoft are looking to acquire Nokia after there purchase of Skype last month, we can not help but wonder what all the Nokia team are thinking right now, after being word leaders in the very near past.

Android Marketplace Figures:

android marketplace statistics

Source: AppBrain

With Google activating some 350,000 per day, the Android marketplace is now so well stocked that it fully rivals that of Apples App Store.

Here you can buy all the applications that make your phone unique and keep you connected with friends or simply amused.

Microsoft and Nokia a classic case of sleeping giants?

It is no wonder Microsoft and Nokia must be feeling a little peeved, when in Apples case you have control of hardware AND software (applications) you truly do have vertical integration and the profits just grow!

But at the present time the “quietly brilliant” HTC seem to be doing what Nokia did so well for such a long time.

How do you think the mobile wars will pan out, will Microsoft ever be successful in creating a useful mobile product that rival the Android SDK or Apples iOS SDK?

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