Amazons New Full Color Tablet “Hollywood” Offers Movies For Free

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Amazons new tablet codenamed “Hollywood”, will be used as a launch vehicle for the new video rental model and Netflix competitor that Amazon is due to bring out later this year.

Amazons new tablet “Hollywood” designed for movies and the Cloud:


Coming after the purchase of European DVD postal service Lovefilm, Amazon are trying to be the leaders in tablet move streaming, and what a profitable niche that could prove to be.

Having spent most of this year forming partnerships with Hollywood studios, Amazon has now gained the rights to stream enough content to now bring a new product and service to market in the most effective way?

Giving things away for free is a great idea when you have the resources:

In what looks like an inspired marketing move, the new Amazon “Hollywood” tablet will be one of the launch pads (pun intended) for Amazon’s new film streaming service, and Amazon look likely offer early adopters of its new table totally free access to the service while they establish themselves in this modern version of the movie rental market.

How long this trail period will be for we do not know, or indeed if it will be region specific, i.e US only etc….Current rumours are that the trial period may last a few months, enough to get people hooked and obviously to retain a good percentage of those as paying customers and also to tell their friends about the experience assuming it will be a positive one.

Could “Hollywood” be for movies what the “Kindle” is for e-books?

If movie playing on ten new tablet is anything like the reading experience that the Amazon kindle offers, then expect some serious attention Amazon’s way.

After single handedly reinventing the book with the Kindle on a device I personally thought may not succeed, I now believe Amazon will be looking to enter this new technology arena looking down on it’s competitors from the start, and not looking up to see who to aim for.

“Hollywood” to enter its tablet class with red carpet treatment:

The areas in which Amazon hope to punch above their weight in their opening tablet debut are a rumoured Quad Core – Android honeycomb fuelled device, with access to Amazons own app store and also Cloud Locker.

It would appear that Apple could well have a contender on their hands, and all of a sudden the tablet arena is starting to look seriously competitive.

Good for the consumer?

We are sure it will be, as we expect prices and overall functionality of these devices to become even more attractive and fulfilling over time, and serious competition always helps.

What are you thought’s on Amazons rumoured tablet entry?

Too little, too late, or a game changer when coupled with its much anticipated movie steaming service due later this year?

Anthony Munns