Amazon Tablet Due For October Release

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Amazon Tablet Launch Date:

In an update to rumours that Amazon may enter a price war with Apple when they finally release their versions of the Apple iPad tablet computer. News from component suppliers Foxconn Electronics in an article in Taiwanese trade publication called Digitimes suggests that the launch date for the larger 10 inch version will be sometime in the first quarter of 2012.

Foxconn are already used to manufacturing parts for the iPad and other tablets, and also take on the production of their kindle with around 15-18 million units of the popular e-reader manufactured in 2011 which equates to around 60-70% of global e-reader shipments of 25-30 million.

In addition to the tablet PC, Amazon also outsources its Kindle e-book reader to Foxconn with an estimated volume of 15-18 million units, accounting for 60-70% of global e-book reader shipments of 25-30 million units in 2011.

A company called Quanta is behind the rumoured 7 inch version of the Amazon tablet, which apparently began production earlier this year, with an estimated 2 million units expected to be available by launch in late 2011.

No official news yet from Amazon:

New Amazon Design For Tablets

Amazon are still keeping the news of their tablets very close to their chest, though a new site redesign with a friendlier tablet version with larger buttons and a more prominent search bar suggest they are very aware of what they are currently missing out on.

The two words that we are currently left with from Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos is pretty much all that has been said definitely from Amazon regarding the tablet computer and that is:

“Stay tuned”

If the tablet does indeed run on Google’s Android (which it almost certainly will). I think this could be quite a good piece of news for Google considering some of the rumours from South Korea about Samsung and LG potentially jumping ship with help from the government, less good news for Apple though if Amazon’s potential to shift numbers is ramped up to full capacity.

Anthony Munns