Amazing Dubstep Breakdancing Video On Great Wall Of China

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Marquese Scott dances Dubstep to viral Youtube heights:

Now you know me, I love a bit of breaks, go check my old school tunes out here:

So when I came across this video via SimplyZesty, I thought yeh, I got to share this one.

So take a look at this really sweet video set on the great wall of China, nice tune, nice moves, and wicked setting.

With so many really cool breakdancing videos on the web, this next video shows that it does not have to be perfect quality in order to impress as this crummy old recording shows with some 28 million views! Though it does have to have a star!

Socially Viral:

This is how to do viral, make it special, simple eh? But not that easy to pull off!

So get your ass out on the street and go bust a move or two now.


Anthony Munns