Alex James Gets “Into” Windows With New Application

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“Into” Windows A Social Sharing Application:

You have to love Alex James, the ex bassist from Blur, who I remember well from a gig in 1993 singing with a cigarette constantly in his mouth playing the bass for Blur. The songs were from the album “Modern Life Is Rubbish” and it was at a small theatre type venue in Bradford on a set designed to look like an oversized kids bedroom.

This gig cost me £3 to get in! And if you like Blur, please make sure you get hold of their best album by far “Modern Life Is Rubbish”.

I digress.

So what has Alex got involved in with Microsoft?

Windows Phone 7 Application Aims To Promote The O/S Socially and Offer Prizes - Alex James Involved
Windows Phone 7 Application Aims To Promote The O/S Socially and Offer Prizes - Alex James Involved

As creative consultant for the “into” project he has been lending his name and ideas to an application created by Windows that aims to allow users to enter competitions and share news related to the new Windows 7 phone O/S release.

So “Mango” lovers will be able to access exclusive content and offers if they help promote the operating system.

Prizes on offer are access to video content that Alex has provided and a chance to enter a competition to go on an Arctic adventure, plus a chance to win some Nokia 800 phones.

To take part you must either “like” the Facebook page here, or download the application from the Windows Phone Marketplace (soon to be available)

Demo of Windows Mango in HTML5:

It is nice to see that Windows are getting creative with their marketing drive as they do have some catching up to do in both the Smartphone and Tablet markets, so this idea as well as the “Test a Windows 7 phone on your Apple or Android device” HTML5 experience, is a great way of getting some interest and allowing people to sample their new technology easily.

Alex James is quoted saying:

“Windows Phone offers a pioneering experience which has social and enjoyment at its core. I’m a keen believer in pursuing the extraordinary and my choice of phone is no different. by providing such a personalised experience, Windows Phone draws in all that’s important to me; my hobbies and all my interests, and the ability to keep in touch and share everything I care about with everyone I care about. I’m delighted to be partnering with into by Windows Phone.”

So will you be helping the cause and getting stuck in?

Anthony Munns