Adobe Stop Mobile Flash Development

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Adobe Finally Stop Work On Further Mobile Flash Development:

Mike Chambers has explained in his blog why Adobe have taken the decision to stop development of the Adobe Flash Player mobile plug-in.

Here are the key reasons:


  • Adobe are focusing work around the Flash Platform on:
  • Mobile Applications created with Adobe AIR.
  • Adobe are further increasing the amount of resources (both money and engineer) toward HTML5 tools, solutions and browsers.
  • Ubiquity of HTML5 on mobile browsers.
  • The Flash Player was not going to achieve the same ubiquity on mobile as it has on the desktop.
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    With the obvious move towards HTML5 as an equivalent or better technology choice to Flash, the decision to get out of the way and allow this type of open standard technology to flourish is welcome relief to manufacturers who had to consult with Adobe relating to the architecture of new models creating what is termed fragmentation in order to get the proprietary technology working on all devices.

    On top of this developers would also have to re-purpose content for Flash and HTML5 meaning workloads and costs of development in the mobile world would increase dramatically.

    On the topic of Flash on Apple iOS devices Mike stated:

    “Just to be very clear on this. No matter what we did, the Flash Player was not going to be available on Appleā€™s iOS anytime in the foreseeable future.”

    With Adobe carrying on with Air and Flash support for desktops we wonder what they actually think of HTML5 currently?

    Mike Chambers is seen to be encouraging developers of Flash to look at HTML5 in much more depth as he ponders how far the technology has come and if it can currently really replace Flash for the kind of experiences we all now expect from games and applications. With the development of the next version of Flash well on the way, the truth is that Flash itself is far from dead.

    Flash for the future

    Adobe Stop Flash Mobile

    We feel that Flash continues to play a vital role of enabling features and functionality on the web that are not otherwise possible. As such, we have a long term commitment to the Flash Player on desktops, and are actively working on the next Flash Player version.

    Yes it seems that Flash itself will be around for a lot longer still.

    Anthony Munns